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Dr. joy Zabala, 1946-2021

Loved by all who knew her.

Dr. joy Zabala, 1946-2021

Dear Everyone,
Joy passed away peacefully this morning...our love, gratitude, pride, and sadness are boundless, but they bind us to each other, to you all, and to Joy, forever. The following is a beautiful post by Joy's beloved brother, captures and celebrates so much of her extraordinary life and essence.
Love, peace, and profound thanks to you all,
Adrian, Gaye & Adriana

This morning at 12:23am I lost my sister Joy Smiley Zabala who I love beyond comprehension.
When I think about Joy, my descriptive words are: Love, passion, music, devotion, commitment, loyalty, and fierce. Family, daughter, sister, cousin, wife, mother, grandmother, friend. Work, work, work...Joy Smiley Zabala. My sister, my friend of 71 years. A Christian, authentic patriot, teacher, a true child of God. The friendships that Joy developed during her life were forever enduring. Her devotions to others was of the vistas that others only dream of. Her husband, children, grand children, cousins, friends and ME were everything. Joy was truly the smartest person that I’ve ever known. She dedicated herself to sharing her knowledge with those she felt could carry the message forward. She was fierce! Her family was first. Always! She could “Mama Bear” upon demand, with a level of commitment second to none and at levels aspired to by major military forces of worldwide importance. Her life was musical. The song was of one. The song was of beauty and happiness. It was sung over the years with children, cousins, and friends. But most of all she heard the songs of others. Their songs were hers. Joy was a dedicated educator. Her professional friends were also her family. Her works, with others, were of worldwide importance. As an accepted authority of her profession, the respect she was given was phenomenal and reluctantly accepted. Her balance of life was made possible by “ her Adrian”. Her balance was , because he was truly her other half, and with Adrian her life happiness and true balance was realized. Few greater love stories have ever existed. How do you summarize a life? Love! Love of all. Completely, and unconditional! Joy! “Joy to the world. Joy to you and me.” Who could ask for more?

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